Brochures, logos and maps

In this section you can download documents relating to the AfricaConnect3 project.

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AfricaConnect3 brochure

AfricaConnect3 brochure - brochures, logos and maps

AC3 brochure – English (PDF)
AC3 brochure – French (PDF)


AfricaConnect3 connectivity map

AC3 Map January 2023

The global con​nectivity map​ available on the GÉANT website shows the international connections enabled by the backbone developed by AfricaConnect and EUMEDCONNECT. Through the pan-European network Africa connects to all continents around the world.

AfricaConnect3 logo

AfricaConnect3 logo - brochures, logos and mapsAfricaConnect3 logo (JPG)



Branding guidelines

Branding guidelines - brochures, logos and mapsBranding guidelines (PDF)



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