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Nigeria gets EU digital education grant

| Voice of Nigeria | Nigeria and Africa are set to receive 37 million euros in support from the European Union (EU) to enhance digitalised education, research and innovation sectors. The EU...

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EU Earmarks €37m for Digital Education

| This Day | The European Union (EU) has earmarked the sum of €37 million to assist Nigeria and other African countries to digitalise education and research. The EU Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs...

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2022 joins eduGAIN

| | Students, researchers, scientists and educators across Africa’s research and education landscape can now have secure and trusted access to global online resources as the eduID...

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The power of earth observation | Adam Lewis is the Managing Director of Digital Earth Africa Establishment Team. With his mission and vision, Dr.Lewis is transforming the way spatial data is organised...

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Universities to get high speed internet

| | Ugandan universities and other post-secondary education institutions could get hooked on the high-speed internet while some students and teachers get free laptops under a...

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Empowering women in Western Africa | More than 2,000 young women in Western Africa have received a jump-start for pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by joining courses and...

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أبوغزاله: الجامعات المصرية ترتبط بالشبكة العربية والأوروبية بالمرحلة الثالثة لمشروع الربط الإفريقي

| | وقعت المنظمة العربية لشبكات البحث والتعليم (ASREN) مع شبكة الجامعات المصرية (EUN) بروتوكول تعاون تقوم بموجبه المنظمة بربط شبكة الجامعات المصرية والشبكة الأوروبية...

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أبوغزاله يترأس أعمال الملتقى السنوي التاسع للمنظمة العربية لشبكات البحث والتعليم e-AGE19

| | اختتمت المنظمة العربية لشبكات البحث والتعليم (آسرن) أعمال “الملتقى الدولي التاسع للربط التقني للبنى التحتية الإلكترونية العربية في إطار البنى العالمية-e-AGE19” في...

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European Union Pumps €30M into AfricaConnect

| | The EU has announced additional €30 million for the project “AfricaConnect”, that will provide affordable, high-capacity Internet for research and education networks...

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