Work Packages


In the previous phases of AfricaConnect, regional networks were built in three clusters, interconnecting NRENs and research and education communities in those areas. The three clusters are organised under:

UbuntuNet Alliance - work packages UbuntuNet Alliance


WACREN - work packages West and Central African Research and Education Network


ASREN - work packages Arab States Research and Education Network



As academic and research institutions become more digitally-driven they need specific services to support their collaboration activities, and enable them to access resources worldwide. In this context, AfricaConnect3 will deploy the following research and education services and applications…

Capacity building

In order to efficiently serve their user communities, NRENs and RRENs need to have adequate capacities and expertise. AfricaConnect3 will focus on building human resource capacity and expertise at a variety of levels…

Advocacy and Donor Engagement

To emphasise the role of digital tools in the transformation of education and research, and their multiplier effect in terms of skills development, employability and economic growth, the partners will set up an advocacy and donor engagement campaign. This will be targeted at decision makers as well as international donors and other stakeholders…

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