As academic and research institutions become more digitally-driven they need specific services to support their collaboration activities and to enable them to access resources worldwide. In this context, AfricaConnect3 deploys the following research and education services and applications.

Trust & Identity services

The partners gather the requirements of end users and identify technical recommendations for the deployment of additional e-services and applications such as Trust and Identity services. Leading examples include:

  • eduroam | The secure, world-wide roaming access service for the international R&E community. It is currently present in 17 African countries.
  • eduGAIN | Interconnects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.
  • | The African catch-all identity federation.
  • eduMEET | A low-cost, easy-to-use WebRTC web-conferencing platform, designed by and developed for international research and education community.
  • TrustBrokerAfrica | Addresses common needs and build a service infrastructure providing vital support for all security and incident response teams from Africa.


In light of the fact that the increasing reliance on ICT in all aspects of daily life has created an environment susceptible to criminal activities, the partners also implement proactive cybersecurity by establishing security team services and a cooperation framework for NREN Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). They will also provide a platform for cooperative processing of threat intelligence and attack data.

Federated Identity Management for Libraries

Following the growing trend towards freely available scholarly content and free and open channels for the dissemination of scholarly information, AC3 partners provide specific support to libraries and NRENs for the strategic development of shared Open Access (OA) infrastructure.

Finally,  the UbuntuNet Alliance, WACREN, and ASREN, assisted by GÉANT, promote awareness through workshops and webinars among the African NREN and research and education community. These workshops will explore the existing available services on top of connectivity (covering network management, trust and identity, cloud, security, real-time communications), and provide demand-driven support for their uptake and local deployment.

Banner image by FlyD on Unsplash
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