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Connecting Botswana: BotsREN Joins UbuntuNet Alliance Backbone

View of Gaborone, capital of Botswana.

This article was originally published on the UbuntuNet Alliance’s website. 

Author: Harold Bowa, UbuntuNet Alliance

Botswana is on the verge of a digital transformation that will significantly impact its research and education sectors. We, together with the Botswana Research and Education Network (BotsREN) are thrilled to announce its successful connection to the UbuntuNet Alliance internet connectivity backbone. This milestone isn’t just a technological achievement; it’s a pivotal moment for the entire nation, one that will profoundly affect the landscape of research and education in Botswana.

The connection holds a lot of significance for Botswana. Firstly, faster Internet Speeds. BotsREN members can expect-fast internet speeds, ensuring uninterrupted data access, research, and remote learning. BostREN connection has a capacity of 10 Gbps.

Additionally, BotsREN now has access to Global Resources: Researchers and educators will enjoy seamless access to international research databases, collaborative tools, and educational resources, fostering global partnerships and academic excellence.

On top of that, BotsREN will experience enhanced Collaboration: The improved connectivity opens doors for collaboration between Botswana’s academic institutions and their counterparts across the continent and around the world.

Finally, this connection drives Innovation for BotsREN: Empowering researchers, educators, and students with the necessary tools will foster innovation and entrepreneurship, positioning Botswana at the forefront of emerging fields.

The connection of BotsREN to the UbuntuNet Alliance backbone was made possible through the AfricaConnect 3 project, which envisions a well-connected African research and education community. Cofounded by the European Union, the AfricaConnect project underscores the importance of bridging the digital divide and supporting African research and education networks. This development isn’t merely about connectivity; it’s about transforming the landscape of research and education on the African continent.

The connectivity achieved through the UbuntuNet Alliance backbone and the AfricaConnect project is more than an internet connection; it’s a gateway to opportunity, knowledge, and collaboration. It’s a promise that the future of research and education in Botswana is poised for greatness. BotsREN, UbuntuNet Alliance, and the AfricaConnect project are excited to shape a brighter, more connected future for Botswana’s research and education community.

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