e-AGE24 | 11 – 13 December 2024, Tunis, Tunisia


Innovative NRENs: Adapting to Trends

The Tunisian Computing Center al Khawarizmi (CCK) in Tunis, Tunisia will host e-AGE24, the 14th edition of the conference. CCK, as the operator of the Tunisia National Academic Network (RNU), is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration in computing and information technology and encouraging the use of digital technologies in academia and science.

e-AGE24 is coming with “Innovative NRENs: Adapting to Trends” as the main theme of the conference and all activities will be centered on it. The conference aims to rethink the role and values of NRENs in response to emerging challenges and trends, providing a platform to explore how NRENs can go beyond their traditional functions, embrace innovation, and adapt to the evolving needs of research and education communities.

e-AGE24 will feature high-level participation, including leaders from Arab countries and representation from national, regional, and global organizations, to explore science cooperation and foster a science dialogue through robust technological infrastructures and an open environment.

e-AGE24 comprises three main conferences:

14th ASREN Annual Conference, 11 December 2024
Focuses on NRENs, infrastructures, services, sustainability, technologies and security

4th Arab Science Cooperation, 12 December 2024
Covers science dialogue, science cooperation, science communities, education, research, SDGs global priorities, and community-based services

2nd Arab Event on Open Science, 13 December 2024
Discusses Open Access, Open Science, Open Science Clouds, and data regulations

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