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Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building: 29-30 November

The digital world touches every aspect of our lives. It enables us to connect, work, learn and travel, and plays an important role in safeguarding life essentials such as food, water, and healthcare. Along with huge opportunities, it also comes with digital risks. We need to be aware of those risks. All of us. Governments. Businesses. Academia. Society at large. To ensure a free, open, and secure digital world, every country should have the resources, knowledge, and skills they need to invest in their digital future. Nations should work together and support each other with these capabilities, so that no country is left behind in their digital evolution. After all, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

On 29-30 November 2023, the inaugural Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) takes place in Accra, Ghana. This conference is organized to raise awareness of the importance that every nation has the expertise, knowledge, and skills to invest in their digital future, and to encourage countries to work together on developing these capabilities to ensure a free, open, and secure digital world.

To mainstream cyber resilience and capacity building, the GC3B brings together high-level leaders, experts on cyber security and capacity building, and the international development community from around the world. Attending the conference offers them the opportunity to work on common goals and solutions. In addition, the GC3B will address the international need to increase resources for cyber capacity building, which is a key enabler for sustainable development, economic growth, and social progress.

As the highlight of the GC3B, participants will witness the announcement of the Accra Declaration: a global framework for concrete actions that support countries in strengthening their cyber resilience.

Co-organized by the Global Forum on Cyber ExpertiseThe Cyber Peace Institutethe World Bank, and the World Economic Forum, GC3B is hosted by the Ministry of Digitalisation and Communications of Ghana.

Visit the event website for more information.

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