Impact posters

Building on the success of predecessor projects, AfricaConnect and AfricaConnect2, AfricaConnect3 supports the creation, development and use of advanced, reliable Internet connectivity for the teaching, learning and research communities of Africa.

Learn more about what has been achieved so far by downloading the impact posters below.

Creates jobs through innovation

AfricaConnect2 and RENU help enhance academic services and equip Uganda's youth with tools to unleash their entrepreneurial skills.
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Empowers women in STEM

AfricaConnect2 and WACREN open up career opportunities for women in STEM through training, networking and strategic partnerships.
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Alleviates asthma

AfricaConnect2 and ENSTINET enable scientists at NARSS to monitor and predict sandstorms, assisting Egyptian authorities in issuing timely alerts to asthma sufferers.
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Connects students globally

AfricaConnect2 and TERNET connect students and staff at multiple Aga Khan University campuses in Tanzania and enable them to collaborate with peers at sister institutes across the globe.
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Fosters environmental sustainability

AfricaConnect2 and KENET strengthen geoinformatics expertise in Kenya through remote training and knowledge exchange with experts in Finland to support sustainable development. Download pdf

Protects soil resources

AfricaConnect2 and ZAMREN accelerate data-intensive modelling and mapping to monitor soil degradation and to develop sustainable land management in Zambia. Download pdf
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