Past Events

LIBSENSE-Connect Workshop: 6-8 November

Pilot Workshop

The inaugural workshop will launch an extended programme of workshops which bring about LIBSENSE-Connect goals of nurturing an innovative, forward-looking technical community that is pivotal in creating the infrastructure to advance open science in Africa. Held at the NITDA IT Hub of the University of Lagos from Monday, 6 to Wednesday, November 8, 2023, the last day will be devoted to discussions and engagement with academics and other interested parties to promote the emergence of an inclusive learning community on campus that focuses on sharing and promoting Open Science practices. See the workshop website for More Details and Timetable.

What Participants can Expect

We believe in the power of collaboration. The programme will engage participants in a “shared endeavour” – building a shared, online community resource based on a GitLab repository. The intention is that the participants will increasingly contribute to this community resource during the workshop and as the programme progresses.


Photo of facilitator Paul

With three decades of experience in information systems and web services, Paul Walk is a seasoned technical consultant. He has a rich history of working in the higher education, research, and cultural heritage sectors. Recently, he founded Antleaf, a consultancy business specializing in metadata standards, repository systems, integration with networked services, and R&D in distributed scholarly communications. Discover more about Paul’s work at Antleaf.

— Paul Walk

Photo of facilitator Petr

Prof. Petr Knoth, a distinguished figure in data science, holds the prestigious position of Professor of Data Science at The Open University in the UK. He’s the founder and head of CORE, the world’s largest aggregator of open research from repositories and journals, providing global access to open access research papers. A fervent advocate for open scholarship, Prof. Knoth leverages AI to advance research workflows. His remarkable portfolio includes involvement in 25+ funded research projects, spanning data science, text-mining, open science, and technology-enhanced learning.

— Petr Knoth

Join the Program

Start the journey with like-minded software developers, infrastructure experts, librarians, researchers and enthusiasts. Delve into the principles of open science and help shape its future in Africa and beyond.

You can register for the workshop to participate in person in Lagos or Join Remotely for the hybrid “AI for and from Open Repositories: Opportunities and Challenges” session.

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