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This is the fourth and final module of the “Information Security” training program delivered by Arab States Research and education Network (ASREN) in cooperation with Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), European Network GÉANT and the Brazilian research and education network (RNP), and with the support of Internet Society (ISOC) and the EU co-funded projects AfricaConnect3 and EUMEDCONNECT3.

The course looks at the process of how to best select and implement security measures to effectively address an organization’s security requirements. This process involves examining three fundamental questions: (a) what assets need to be protected, (b) how those assets are threatened, and (c) what can be done to counter those threats. IT security management is the formal process of answering these questions, ensuring that critical assets are sufficiently protected in a cost-effective manner.

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Registration is free and open to all ASREN members, member organizations and partners. Registration submissions will go through a moderation process for audience management purposes.

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