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White Paper: Enhancing Weather Monitoring in Africa – The Role of NRENs and IoT Technologies

WACREN has issued a white paper on how NRENs can harness the potentials of IoT technologies to improve weather monitoring in Africa, showing a key new role of NRENs beyond the status quo.

This white paper focuses on leveraging NRENs and collaborations with meteorological agencies to enhance weather monitoring in Africa. By integrating low-cost weather stations based on IoT technologies, particularly LoRaWAN, these partnerships offer affordable and sustainable solutions to improve access to weather data across the continent.

NRENs’ high-speed networking capabilities facilitate seamless data collection, sharing, and transmission, thereby significantly enhancing the accuracy of weather forecasts. Working with meteorological agencies, NRENs play a pivotal role in providing real-time weather data, aiding decision-making in critical sectors such as agriculture, transportation, and disaster management, and contributing to overall socioeconomic progress in Africa.

Find the paper below in this link:

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