EUN supports higher education system amid coronavirus pandemic

Words: Yasmeen Al-Kouz

With the advent of the present Covid-19 pandemic, the Egyptian universities have resorted to e-learning platforms and online classes. In an effort to remove all obstacles for students, the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN), partner in AfricaConnect3, carried out several activities to support the remote delivery of education.

EUN has coordinated with major IT vendors in relation to university support services, to provide a unified communication platform and smart web conferencing and videoconferencing applications, which create an interactive online classroom to deliver better student experiences.

EUN has also collaborated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt to apply and maximize the benefits of Learning Management Systems software application (LMS), already used at most Egyptian universities for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses, in order to sustain a more knowledgeable and productive remote delivery of educational content.

Prof. Ibrahim Fathy, Director of Knowledge and Services Centre (EKSC) at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) said: “Our mission has remained unchanged since 1987, to improve the higher education system, providing value-added services, and to foster coordination and linkage between the Egyptian universities to maximize the utilization of the available resources. Today, amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, that mission is more important than ever.”

“Early this year, EUN and the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN) have signed an agreement, with the support of the EU co-funded AfricaConnect3 project, under which ASREN will provide a high bandwidth link between EUN and the pan-European GÉANT network, connecting EUN to the global research and education network fabric. This pandemic has emphasized the necessity of building such strong communications infrastructures, to be able to support advanced services delivered through high-speed links, to better serve the higher R&E institutions in Egypt.”

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Yasmeen Alkouz, Communications Officer

Arab States Research and Education Network –ASREN

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